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The face behind learning through movements is Ciska

I enjoy working in my practice as a child kinesiologist. Kinesiology is the teaching of movement. From my work I have a different way of looking at learning or actually developping than the school system. The child is central, what does he need to develop and
grow into the best version of himself. Because I come into contact with teachers and children with Learning problems it has resulted in Learning through movements. I do link development and movement to cognitive skills. And then offer it in a fun and playful way.


You shouldn’t actually test or screen young children. You want to follow a child’s development so that you can offer toys, activities and a stimulating learning environment. Each child develops in his own way and at his own pace. When you offer classroom education it is impossible give every child in the group especially what he needs. That’s okay, kids pick it up or not. In addition, attention is paid to everyone’s personal development. And of course there is an average age of learning something. But, do know that there can be no average when children are above or below average.

The screentest of learning through movements is intended to observe what a child can do and what a child cannot do yet. It is not right or wrong. When we are adults it is not interesting if we could stack blocks with 1 year or only with 4 years, right?
It is important that there is a pleasant, positive and safe learning environment. That is what our body remembers.

If you want to offer activities for all development areas or specifically, you can contact learning through movements.

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Print it and hang it somewhere so that in all your offerings, you pay attention to all development areas starting with basic safety.

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Ciska van der Veer